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I was an avid Lifehacker reader...

...and even earned my star (old system) so all my comments and posting are approved and featured.

You see unlike other online communities, Lifehacker like all Gawker media communities requires you to go through an audition process before being able to post comments and interact with other members.


I posted my first comment on August 18 2010, and continued commenting in five different Lifehacker articles. Also made myself known to the editors via twitter and email, but it wasn't till October 8 2010 that my profile was approved.

Given the privilege to officially post content on Lifehacker, I decided to take it a step further by submitting tips. My contribution didn't go unnoticed and I was given a star by Adam Pash I think, then Chief Editor of Lifehacker.


But, then came the platform change sometime in 2012 and with it the commenting system - with the new system you are required to sign in with a Facebook/Twitter/Google or create a brand new anonymous account. You even lost your star and get downgraded back to having your comments not visible. In the process they lost lots of readers, yours truly included. The writers also started leaving one by one, started with Jason Fitzpatrick, then Adam Pash left, and then Adam Dachis.

Occasionally I still visit, but I don't engage anymore like I used to, I even asked your support if I could get back my "star" now called "follow" with new the new system and I got a sorry just keep on posting and maybe you will get noticed by the writers.


I liked Lifehacker a lot, I converted to Chrome and Android from Firefox and iPhone respectively because of them and apart from being all geeky and techy, you also have lots of articles on work ethics, relationships, exercise etc - more self improvement stuff.

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